Experience Design
People’s experiences dominate their consciousness.

Services or products that are designed only in manufacturers’ or functional point of view cannot overcome those that are
designed with human interaction and experience in mind.

In every domain that consumers meet with products/services, experience design matters. From the time we pick products
from the shelf to the time we encounter promotional materials on and offline, even the time we enjoy coffee at a lounge,
every moment could be born again through experience design.


Space Identity
Perception creates space with understanding of resources, environment, human behavior together with brand identity,
and provides guidelines for practical yet fashionable interior design.
Communication Design
Design is a container full of communication. Perception designs all communication materials that convey message to consumers such as CI/BI, On-offline PR materials.
Package Design
Packaging is a direct media and a marketing tool in communicating to consumers.
Package design that has considered consumer experience will present more opportunities to be chosen by consumers.
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