Correct and complete communication
creates the best outcome.

Communication is a process of trying to reach each other from
the ends of a maze. Because designers and non-designers are
at a different starting point, it is sometimes extremely difficult
to communicate with each other. PDCS is a new communication channel to have better understanding of each other.

Explore PDCS
Project Validity Analysis Tool
PDCS’s very own “Project Validity Analysis Tool” is a systemic way for designers and clients to evaluate the project in advance. This tool can help minimize various types of errors, and create win-win situation through appropriate problem solving measures.
Visual Interpreter
Visual Interpreter is a tool used to extract graphic styles of each parties involved. It utilizes image-keyword database to effectively derive the image style that clients have in mind, and comes up with design keywords to overcome the limitation of verbal expression.
Design Consulting Tool Kit
Design Consulting Tool Kit includes pre-existing business strategy methodology and design methodology as well as Perception`s own experience and methodology. It becomes the foundation in designing the best methodology to use for each issue based on P-WAVE`s
4 stages.
Shelf Display Simulator
Design outcome is only complete when it reaches consumers and users in reality and is received very well by them. Sometimes, a great-looking design is disregarded by consumers; this is derived from not considering the entire shelf display situation. PDCS provides shelf display simulation for each design drafts.
Design Selection Tool
Choosing the final design among all design candidates can be extremely inefficient and irrational. PDCS provides surveys for each decision makers as well as consumer assessments for each drafts as a reference, supporting the rational and effective design selection process.
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