Our Value

P - Way

P – Way is Perception’s way of behavior and value standard to reach the goals and visions, and it becomes the base that makes up
the organization culture and business method.
Be Confident

Without weights, a boat loses its balance and cannot sail forward.
‘Confidence’ is the mind's center-of-mass that gives birth to the attitude which maintains balance to overcome difficulties.

  • - Could you visualize hope when in despair?
  • - Are you lenient to others while strict to yourself?
  • - Do you find yourself enjoying an arduous journey to the success, while treasuring   lessons learned from such experience?
Be Immersed

Sunlight can only create flame when focused at one point.
'Being immersed in' is the process of creating a notable impact by
absorbing oneself in one's duty.

  • - Was your service satisfactory to your clients?
  • - Did you pour your heart to your work piece?
  • - Did you contribute to make small changes in the society?
Be a solver

A problem cannot unveil itself without a proper approach.
'Solver' is who has the ability to redefine situations and core issues and
designing methods to tackle those issues.

  • - For the designed solution method, are the appropriate amount of man-power   and material resources secured?
  • - Is there any alternative solution which nullifies current limits or overturn the   situation?
  • - Are you insightful to see the unseen?
Be Interactive

One's language barrier sets boundaries around one's world view.
‘Interaction' is the act of sharing one's opinions and emotions and being able to empathized with others under certain signals.

  • - With rational or emotional methods could I convince others or get them to   empathize with me?
  • - Are you understanding other's point of view and thought frame, while respectful   towards them?
  • - Are you sharing efficient working skills or tips and guidelines to the team   members?
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