'SWEETSPOT' Brand Identity Renewal

Background & Key Issues

Sweetspot is a pop-up store brokerage platform that connects space and brand. Building owners are provided space utilization and additional revenue while retail brand are provided more distribution channels for reaching customers. Growing to be the largest service provider of its kind domestically, Sweetspot needed a brand identity that could be used both online and offline as the business expanded. To do this, a new brand concept needed to be defined and logo and corporate identity needed to be created.   



Approach & Solution 

Giving Sweetspot the appearance of "proflexible"

In order to renew Sweetspot's identity, we needed to define the current Sweetspot first. 
Based on keywords derived from Perception Design Consulting System(PDCS), "professional," "flexible," and "connect" were selected as core values. "Professional" represented the expertise and trustworthiness of Sweetspot, while "flexible" represented the flexibility to work with various brands and concepts. Therefore, by combining, the redefined brand concept was labeled "Proflexible (professional+flexible).

The three keywords were translated into the corresponding graphic motifs, "space," "open possibility," and "contact." These were then used to create a corporate identity, which allowed customers and internal members to truly see the "sweet spot."​


Brand Identity Design

The three visual motifs, collectively, represented an open space where various brands and collaborators can connect, as well as an interface between the brand and the customer. 





Application Design 

Corporate design was created to actively demonstrate the brand identity of Sweetspot as well as deliver a consistent brand experience. 




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